Changing it up a little

You’ve probably noticed that the look and feel of my site has changed.

The motivation was that I wanted my site to be a reflection of me. I liked my previous site and was proud of it but it seemed a bit detached and impersonal. The first step I made to change that was to get a new domain name.  I want visitors to my site to connect with and get to know me. Holder Web Design still exists but now when you visit my site it’s at

My favourite colour is purple. I love it. I wanted purple on my site so I made it purple. End of story.

My previous site was a one-page design. As I added to my portfolio and added sections to the site, it became a long scroll up or down to get to any section. Also, I didn’t have visible navigation and making one visible on the previous site did not work with its design. So I designed a new site. It is now a multi-page site with a navigation bar. It is easier to read and more user-friendly to move from section to section within the site.

My site is an evolving structure. I am so happy with it. I hope that you like it too.

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